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Super COWs take the show at Lollapalooza

In today’s world, connectivity is a major necessity at any outdoor event. The Lollapalooza Music Festival in Chicago, which took place in August, was no exception.

The need for connectivity has grown to be not only expected, but needed by those in attendance, as well as those who are managing, securing, and presenting the show. Those in attendance make calls, upload photos and video, and send messages and rely on connectivity for location services, safety, and security.

Imagine hosting one of the country’s biggest festivals, in one of the busiest cities in the United States. Finding ample cellular signal and bandwidth is already hard enough in a crowded area like downtown Chicago.

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Boost Your Network

As the communications landscape continues to evolve and the demand for data grows, it’s time for radio networks to do more. Motorola Solutions is introducing MOTOTRBO Nitro, the first fully managed platform that combines business-critical voice with private broadband data.

If you run a commercial operation — whether it’s a hotel, theme park, factory or warehouse—you’ve always relied on instant voice communications as your workforce backbone.

That’s why voice-first infrastructure is critical—every element of your network needs to work in service of outstanding collaboration.

The trouble is that while your LMR network is still helping your teams stay safe, smart and accountable, your Wi-Fi isn’t holding up its end of the bargain. Coverage and capacity can be limited. Handovers are patchy, making audio quality poor. You’re plagued by temperamental access points. In short, Wi-Fi just wasn’t designed for complex commercial operations like yours, and your communications deserve better.

It’s why Motorola Solutions built MOTOTRBO ® Nitro ™ — the new platform that combines business-critical voice with lightning-fast private broadband data. Nitro puts the control of your communications network back into your hands, so you can configure a secure solution that’s perfectly tailored to your operation.

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Sustainable Buildings DAS

Property Managers Bring A More Connected Approach To Sustainable Buildings

A sustainable building will help the environment, but it may not be the best solution for connectivity.

Over the last decade, many developers and property managers have aimed to meet the LEED certification system, a global rating system from the U.S. Building Council that ranks buildings based on how sustainable they are. More than 2.2M SF becomes certified every day. But the materials used in these sustainable buildings can block signals going in and out of a given space, making it difficult for tenants to take a call or send an email. Now, property managers are looking for solutions to make their buildings sustainable and well-connected.

“Many of these LEED-certified buildings deploy metal coatings on their windows,” SOLiD Director of Marketing Scott Gregory said. “These materials make it easy to go green, but going green can leave your building’s tenants and occupants seeing red.”

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Streamline In-Building Solutions

PCTEL Streamlines In-Building Testing for Critical Communications

PCTEL, Inc. announced at APCO Canada that it is adding Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) signal quality measurements to its award-winning public safety network testing solution. PCTEL’s solution streamlines the way building owners verify first responder radio coverage to meet local code requirements for occupancy. With the addition of DMR measurements, this efficient pass/fail testing system can now be applied to a broad range of public and private critical communications networks.

“We designed our grid-based testing solution for public safety, but our customers found it ideal for verifying life safety and business critical communications coverage as well,” said Rishi Bharadwaj, PCTEL’s Chief Operating Officer. “PCTEL’s public safety network testing solution reduces testing and reporting time by 50% or more. With the ability to test multiple public and private radio networks simultaneously, now our customers can further improve their efficiency,” added Bharadwaj.

Read more on the PCTEL website.

ADRF Ranplan

ADRF Partners With Ranplan for Wireless Network Design and Optimization

Advanced RF Technologies, Inc. (ADRF), the largest pure-play in-building Distributed Antenna System (DAS) provider for public safety and commercial radio frequencies, announced it will incorporate ADXV Series DAS and PSR Series repeaters, as well as future product specifications into Ranplan Wireless’ network modeling and design software via the Collaboration-Hub. The cloud-based Collaboration-Hub provides original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) greater control over intellectual property (IP) while allowing network engineers to design and deliver high-quality Public Safety, LTE and 5G systems.

“Our partnership with Ranplan as a preferred OEM-Partner will benefit our new and existing partners in both the in-building and ODAS markets,” said Julie Song, President of ADRF. “ADRF continually updates our existing products and develops new solutions through our interaction with clients. Leveraging Ranplan’s new device platform ensures a constant feedback loop with our development teams and supports optimal usage of our products.”

Read More on the Ranplan Wireless website.

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